We provide a complete range of services in all phases of litigation, including:
  • Pre-Litigation - preliminary damages evaluation;
  • During Discovery - support requests for documents, evaluate opposition theories and damages claims, prepare written reports, provide deposition testimony and questions for opposition expert;
  • Prior to Trial - present economic damages evaluation at Settlement Conferences, Pre-Trial Hearings or Mock Trials;
  • Trial Preparation - help prepare exhibits and assist with cross-examination questions for opposing expert; and
  • Trial - provide testimony, in-trial analysis, and tactical support.
With regard to valuation issues, we can assist with:
  • Planning and Preparation - getting ready for your formal valuation or transition;
  • Valuation Consulting in Estate, Gifting or Merger and Acquisition Matters - Work with the Business Owner or management in report preparation in all aspects of a valuation in accordance with the Uniforms Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice; and
  • Review of Other Valuation Opinions - get that second opinion.
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